Appeal for funds for the Cab Overhaul Of 33012

Amazingly it is now twelve full years since 33012 entered Eastleigh Works for her overhaul to mainline standard, and with any heritage vehicle (locomotive, bus, car, etc), time and the elements will still cause a certain degree of ageing and deterioration to components and bodywork, and 33012 is no different.

With this in mind at the 71A Locomotive Group 2020 AGM at Eastleigh Works in February 2020, it was agreed by the Group's committee and membership that 33012 would enter Eastleigh Works during early autumn 2020, for a start to the corrosion overhaul of both of 33012's cabs. During the overhaul to mainline standards that started in January 2009, only the lower couple of foot or so of both cabs was worked on, mainly related to repairs to the lower supporting cab structure, which had rusted where the supports are fixed to the mainframe. At the time the upper cab structure was serviceable. Twelve years later, now it is time to carry out repairs to the upper cab structure and the roofs of both of the cabs.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic delayed this overhaul during 2020, but on Monday 4th January 2021, 33012 travelled light engine from Swanage to Eastleigh Works on her own, and then that week the first of several 71A Locomotive Group working parties took place at the Works. This is allowed under the present COVID-19 restrictions, as this is covered under both the rules covering volunteering, and the rules regarding conducting work that can't be down from home (well in fairness 33012 won't fit in the garden!!!).

To help the 71A Locomotive Group raise some additional funds to allow this overhaul work to be carried out, the Group are looking for people to help by providing sponsorship for the items listed on the donation form included on this page. If you are able to help out with this appeal for funds in any way possible, however large or small the donation, the 71A Locomotive Group would be most grateful.

Please Note: We were unsure whether to approach people for donations during these very tough times, particularly with so many people being furloughed or even made redundant, but we have been approached by several support group members and shareholders, asking if there was any monetary support they could provide towards this overhaul work. So with this in mind this appeal has been launched. Please only donate to this appeal if you can really afford to, and don't make a donation if you can ill-afford too. Remember, this is only a hobby after all. Please look after your family and yourself first and foremost.

If you are able to make a donation, please click on the button below to download the donation form. Fill in the form making sure to particularly fill out the last part with all your details, and return it to the address at the bottom of the second page of the form.

33012 Cab Overhaul Donation Form

Regards paying any donations to the 71A Locomotive Group, there are three ways to do this as follows:

  • Cheque payable to the "71A Locomotive Group"
  • By Bank Transfer (see below for the details of how to do this)
  • By PayPal (see below for the Group's PayPal donate button below)

With each of these options, a copy of the Donation Form still needs to be filled out, so that the Group can keep a record of all the donations received. This form can either be printed off (double sided) and posted to the address at the bottom of the second page of the form, or it can be emailed to the Group (an email address will be supplied by sending a text message to 07889 426 751). Please mention on the Donation Form if you are making the donation via Bank Transfer or PayPal, and the date of the payment.

Alternatively, if you can't print a copy of the form of at home, please either post a stamped self-addressed envelope to the address shown on the Donation Form, or send a text message to 07889 426 751. In either case, we'll then post a copy of the Donation Form direct to you.

Please mention on the Donation Form if you are making the donation via Bank Transfer or PayPal, and the date of the payment.

Of these options, the first two (cheque and Bank Transfer) are the preferred way of making donations to the 71A Locomotive Group, as PayPal take a small cut from each donation, and we would prefer that all of the money that is donated to the Group goes solely towards 33012, not a big multi-national corporation. That said, if you still find it easier to make a donation via PayPal, then we will still gladly accept donations via this way.

To make a donation via Bank Transfer, the Group's bank details are as follows:

Bank: Barclays Bank
Branch: Totton Branch
Sort Code: 20-79-25
Account Name: 71A Locomotive Group
Account No: 70857084
Ref No: 71A Donation

The Ref No "71A Donation", along with your name on your bank account, will allow the Group to match your donation to your donation form.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist the 71A Locomotive Group, by making a donation towards this appeal for funds to assist with the cab overhaul to 33012.

Best Regards,

The Committee of the 71A Locomotive Group

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