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January 2021

Work on 33012 has started at Eastleigh Works. All the following photos are copyright Alan R. Hawkins.

Inside Eastleigh Works - Saturday 23rd Jamuary 2021

Nameplates before removal - Sunday 24th January 2021

Nameplates after removal - Saturday 30th January 2021

Numbers being removed - Saturday 30th January 2021

Cantrail Grilles on 33012 with the Grille Covers Removed - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Corrosion above the Driver's side window in No 1 Cab - Saturday 30th January 2021

Corrosion on the inner part of the Driver's pillar in No 1 Cab - Saturday 30th January 2021

Corrosion underneath where the AWS Switch Base is mounted - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Driver's console ready to be removed from No 1 Cab - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Driver's side of No 1 Cab during stripping - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Driver's side of No 1 Cab during stripping - Saturday 30th January 2021

Example of the corrosion of some of the screws on 33012 - Saturday 30th January 2021

January 2021

33012 travelled light engine from Swanage to Eastleigh Works as 1Z33 on Monday 4th January. 33012 is at Eastleigh Works, to undergo corrosion repairs to the upper cab structures and fibreglass repairs to the cab roofs, on both of 33012's cabs.

August 2020

The Swanage Railway is now operating a two train service, one steam, the other diesel, between Swanage and Norden. 33012 and 33111 are sharing the diesel turns.

July 2020

On 8th July 33012 celebrated it's birthday, it was 60 years ago that D6515 entered service at Hither Green depot.

Following the Covid-19 lockdown, 33012 and 33111 alternately worked the diesel only service between Swanage and Norden.

March 2020

The webite has now been resurected on the new domain name Initially it will appear much as the old site, but in time it will be completly revamped.

On Friday 6th March, 33012 travelled light from Swanage to Southall WCRC. On Saturday 7th March, 33029 headed the BL railtour from Lancaster to Paddington. On Sunday 8th March, 33207 and 33012 hauled the BLS Devonian Crompton railtour from London Victoria to Coleford Junction in Devon, and back to London Waterloo. On Monday 9th March, 33012 travelled light engine back from Southall to Swanage.

February 2020

The 71A Locomotive Group held it's AGM in Eastleigh Works. Among the items discussed was the need for someone to take over the website. In addition, the domain name had been allowed to lapse, and was now in use by another company. Jon Biglowe volunteered for this role.

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